Prison Industries


Prison industries require a high level of purchasing insight paired with expertise in compliance followed by excellent customer service to meet and exceed the varying regulations and expectations of each local, county, city, state and federal agency nationwide. Comade, Inc provides the expertise in the following areas to meet the most stringent needs of the Prison Industry:

  • Procurement
  • Implementation
  • Contract Management
  • Transaction Workflow
  • Customer Satisfaction.

Prosper Through Efficiency

Our experience in distribution at scale provides us with a competitive edge over other suppliers on cost, reliability and diligence. No matter the size and nature of your company and of your project, Comade Inc. provides the targeted solutions to your procurement needs.   Measurable savings in cost and time for your comapny allows you to focus on essentials, bringing growth to your business and to our partnership.

Core Competency

Comade, Inc. consistently innovates its procurement processes, offering more efficiency and savings for the duration of its relationship with its partners in industry. 


Flexible Solutions

Our vast experience over a wide range of industries allows us to custom build solutions in very short periods of time.  These tailor made services function just as well with direct spending on core requirements as with indirect spending on 'one off' projects and irregular purchases.







 Chris SchallerPresident

Deniz Erdinc, Sales Manager

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